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Build Review

Block 1: Build Phase – 3 Weeks 

This is my first time ever doing a body building program. I didn’t quite know what to expect from the outset. I do know that I’ve had a miserable attempt at trying to do this on my own in the gym. Also I realize now that to actually accomplish this in the gym, you would need a trainer and someone to guide you with nutrition and supplements. The Body Beast program includes a complete package with Sagi Kalev as your at home trainer. It also comes with an informative nutrition guide and a full line of supplements (Challenge Pack Only). This is the first time I’ve ever used a full line of supplements with a program. I have to say that using the supplements with the right diet has made a  huge difference with my strength,  muscle development, and recovery. There are two different Body Beast programs you can follow, Lean Beast, and Bulk Beast. I am doing the Bulk Beast program, while my wife Dy Ann is doing the Bulk Beast workout program with a modified Lean Beast diet.

Body Beast Equipment

As a P90X2 graduate, I was comfortable using a stability ball instead of a workout bench. However, I can see how this could be a mistake for someone that is not comfortable with a stability ball. With the amount of super sets and drop sets that are incorporated into the workout, I think it would be wise to invest in a pair of auto select weights like Bowflex or one of the other brands on the market. I used a manually loaded plate system. This can work for you as long as you pre-plan your weights. I found the Body Beast workout sheets very easy to use and helpful with planning my workouts.

 Why Body Beast?

Body Beast was appealing in the fact that it was a way to go beyond just looking fit. It is a way to look big and muscular. I’ve always wanted to body build, but never had the time or money for a trainer and hours and hours in the gym. Body Beast offers all the tools for body building without leaving the house and a minimal cost.

Body Beast SupplementsThe Beast Supplements

With a body building program like Body Beast your body needs lots of calories and nutrients. The program supplements are a fast concentrated way to boost caloric intake. None of the supplements have added flavoring, colorants, or artificial sweeteners. This allows you a way to customize them to fit your needs without having conflicting flavors. I noticed that my weight increased almost immediately using the supplements. I don’t think that it is possible that I gained muscle that fast. I gained 10 pounds within the first 2 weeks. In my opinion this was increased muscle growth and water retention. The supplements includes: Hardcore Base Shake (Maltodextrin + Dextrose), Fuel Shot (Maltodextrin + Dextrose + Whey Protein), Max Creatine (Muscle Acceleration + Muscle Mass Boost), Super Suma / Brazilian Ginseng (Benefits Metabolic Pathways without messing with your hormones). The first two supplements listed, Base Shake and Fuel Shot, can be used together for pre and post workouts.


Body Beast Diet

Phase 1 (Build) and Phase 2 (Bulk), both require that your diet be 25% protein, 50% carbohydrates, and 25% percent fat. This transition was not very difficult considering we already live a healthy family lifestyle. However, I was not use to having my carbohydrates at 50%. This required lots of healthy grains like quinoa and brown rice. I also used red potatoes and sweet potatoes for extra carbohydrates. My wife and I are doing the program together and she found that she had to reduce the carbohydrates, because her body just has a hard time breaking them down. She also felt that she was getting bulky much faster than anticipated. The bulk portion of the workout should come in phase 2.  

Our 30 Day Results Block 1 / Body Beast

Our 30 Day Pictures


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  1. Just wanted to say awesome results so far I’m doing body beast as well and loving it keep up the great work!

  2. Awesome results and its great that you two did it together

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