Super Suma, is my secret weapon against hormonal imbalance.   I started using Super Suma as a supplement while I was involved with the Body  Beast program offered by Beachbody.  I really did not understand all of the benefits of Super Suma at the time but trusted it because it was part of the nutritional plan and the results that I saw from others doing this program.

The results that I got while using Super Suma were amazing. Body Beast Results


Yes, Body Beast is a great program and you will get amazing results……but it it the nutrition and supplements that will really bring home the big results for you.

So, I finished Body Beast and stopped taking Super Suma. And what I realized was my body started feeling bad and I was having major Peri-menopausal symptoms: night sweats, leg cramps, bloating, water retention, insomnia…..the list goes on.

I thought back to a time when I was feeling and looking my best and I realized it was the time frame that I was involved with Body Beast and the nutritional plan and supplements that I was taking at the time.   So, I immediately ordered myself more Super Suma.   Within just just  a few days of taking Super Suma I was feeling amazing again.

Please watch this video below.  I will share with you the benefits of Super Suma and how it has helped me.





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