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I will use this completed form to get you added to our CDF Challenge Tracker App. Please make sure you have completed this form so that I can get you added to our Tracker App for this round of Core De Force. Thanks Dy Ann
    I will provide links to my Social Media accounts in your confirmation email. Just click on the links provided. YouTube = SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT Please make sure to LIKE and COMMENT on videos you find helpful. Instagram = Double TAP and COMMENT FACEBOOK = LIKE, Get Notifications, LIKE POSTS, Comment and SHARE!
    I will be posting CDF tips on Social Media as well as in our group....make sure we are connected so you don't miss a thing.
    Please note: Shakeology is required to join this group.
    PROOF the product works is what inspires others to JUMP In and try a new program. From time to time posts are made in a group that are inspiring, motivating or PROOF providing. Do I have permission to share these posts publicly?
    I would love to feature you as a SUCCESS Story...would you be willing to provide a testimonial at the end of the program about how this program worked for you, the results you achieved, your experience in a Challenge Group, what you thought of me as your Official Team Beachbody Coach??

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