Core De Force 

I would describe this workout as a very intense Low Impact HIIT workout. My heart rate was in the PEAK Training Zone for 20 minutes straight…..WHAT? What? Legs were crushed, abs were crushed…I was sweating bullets.

If you are a TurboFire fan then this will be right up your alley…minus the dance choreography and the jumping around.

Core definer for sure (which I am excited about) and a total FAT BLASTER.

Core De Force HRThis is my HR Training Zone from today’s workout.

I was able to stay in my PEAK Zone for an entire 20 minutes.  This is where the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) takes place.   HIIT workouts create the what is known as the After Burn for calories and fat.   They help your body burn calories more efficiently through out your day.  For us women struggling with that unwanted HORMONAL Belly Fat these types of workouts are key.   I highly recommend using a HR monitor of Fitness Tracker for these workouts to help you track your intensity. I am using the FITBIT Blaze  it allows me track my calories burned and my HR.

Core De Force is a 30 day program, 30 minutes a day. 10 routines in the program. Complete nutrition plan that I will personally help your modify to meet your own personal needs (because we are not all the same body). I have two rounds on my calendar which will take us to the end of the year.

If you struggle with weight gain and stress around the holidays then this is the perfect program for you. You can kick and punch out your holiday stress while chiseling your body.

For my ladies who are suffering from that hormonal BELLY FAT….this is perfect for you. The HIIT level of intensity will have your metabolism on over drive…combined with a solid nutritional plan to keep those out of whack hormones is check…..this a WIN/WIN combination.

If you would like more information about Core De Force or would like to join my next Core De Fovre group with me as your FREE Coach, please complete the form below.  This will reserve your spot and connect us.


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