Meidal Tibial Stress Syndrome a.k.a. Shin Splints


Shin splints are very common in the running world.  If you are new to running you are probably suffering from Shin Splints….if you are an avid runner you probably remember having Shin Splints.

Some things you can do if you are currently suffering from shin splints:

1) Rest

Take rest days or shorten your runs

2) Ice the affected area

3) Make sure you are running with the proper food strike and stride and are not pronating.

4) Have you shins evaluated by a doctor with possible anti-inflammatory meds.

To prevent shin splints:

1) stretch your calves and Achilles tendon or heel cord

2) Stretch your shins

3) Condition your shins (see video example)

4) Make sure you are running with good form, no pronation and a strong and proper  Kinetic  Chain

And remember running is supposed to stay fun.  Keeping your body injury and stress free will keep you running longer, farther and will keep your running experience fun.

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