FREE Vegan Shakeology Sample Packet to all Intermittent Fasting for Today’s Aging Woman Group participants who order Shakeology with Dy Ann assigned as their Team Beachbody Coach.


FREE Shakeology Vegan Sample Packet with a NEW Shakeology Order

Thank you for trusting ME with helping YOU reach your health and fitness goals. Because you are new to Shaekology I would like to offer you a FREE Sample of an alternate Shakeology flavor for you to try. Please complete the form below and I will have your Shakeology Sample Packet mailed out to you ASAP. Note: for US customers/coaches only!
  • Email address used to log into your Team Beachbody Account
  • If you are not sure and would like to have Dy Ann help you find a workout program, please indicate that below. If none, please let me know that too.
    Please note: I do not stock WHEY Shakeology. I only offer Vegan samples.
  • This should be emailed to you once your order is placed.

Dy Ann Parham Fitness

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